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Singutron is a tiny game about color and timing.

In Singutron you have to build colored lines. Building a line costs resources. If two lines cross each other, they form a rectangle. Rectangles produce resources.

The goal of the game is to fill the game field with rectangles and reach the top right corner as fast as you can.

Rectangles which were formed by two lines of complementary colors (e.g. blue and yellow) will produce more resources (up to 2 times).
Lines that hit each other at the very tip also form rectangles that produce more resources (up to 2 times).
By combining those two effects you can build rectangles that produce up to 4 times the resources spent to build them.
The lightness of the rectangles signifies the multiplier of each rectangle: the lighter (less saturation) the color of the rectangle the better.

Build line: Left click
Zoom in/out: Mouse wheel or Page up/down
Reset zoom to automatic: Space or Middle click
Delete square (creative mode): Right click
Toggle full screen: Alt+Return or F4
Toggle HUD (while playing): F5
Create screenshot: Print or F10
Toggle debug menu: F9

Singutron was created as an entry for the Waltzing Game Jam 2 (2019).
It incorporates two themes of the game jam:
- Divide & Conquer: Build lines (divide) to get rectangles (conquered area).
- Symbiosis: Combine complementary colors to get more resources.

Singutron was created in a custom C++ engine using the following libraries:
- Dear ImGui: https://github.com/ocornut/imgui
- stb: https://github.com/nothings/stb
- miniaudio: https://github.com/dr-soft/miniaudio
- GLFW: https://www.glfw.org
- GLM: https://glm.g-truc.net
- Glad: https://glad.dav1d.de

Asset files were used from:
- Sound files: https://freesound.org
- Font files: https://fonts.google.com


singutron-0_1_1.zip 744 kB

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